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About us

What is Planytics?

Planytics is an enterprise software for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It uses analytics and machine learning to drive the supply chain planning processes of organizations.


Check out some of the features of Planytics

Buffer Management

Create over 135 buffer profiles to manage demand & supply uncertainties more effectively with lean inventory

Intuitive Dashboards

‘Cockpit’ view that provides complete visibility through powerful and visual storyboards

Execution Alerts

Our analytics engine triggers optimization recommendations of replenishment orders quantities

Strategic Inventory Positioning

Compress lead times and run multiple simulations based on an array of factors to arrive at optimal inventory locations

Dynamic Adjustments

Sense increasing or decreasing trends, seasonality & cycles to dynamically right size inventory levels

Cloud Integration

Easy to integrate APIs to sync with ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS and POS systems which is done using our Web Services

  • 60% of the companies are dissatisfied with the fit between their supply chain planning objectives and supply chain planning capabilities

  • 79% of organizations believe that they have little to no visibility in their supply chain planning

    Planytics Survey 2020
  • Almost 60% of businesses say that they expect to be disrupted in some form or another by the middle of 2021

    IDC Research
  • 53.5% of Indian industries believe that their supply chain planning process is only average

    Planytics Survey 2020
  • Inventory “right-sizing” has forever been tied to business profitability- Analyst Insight, 2020

    Supply Chain Brain Magazine
  • Over 50% of the organizations are unsure about the benefits that they could derive from supply chain planning

    Planytics Survey 2020

Why choose us?

Eliminate Safety Stock

Drive superior customer service levels while eliminating safety stocks.

Realize a higher Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

Free up working capital that is tied to unwanted inventories such as slow moving, non moving and excess inventory.

Compress delivery lead times

Outpace the competitors and realize a 15%-40% compression from existing lead times.

Power of AI and ML

Evolve planning with changing market uncertainties and continue to create robust plans that increase flow and protect competitive advantage.

Increase visibility and collaboration

Access plans instantly, over any device and feel the synergy between planning and execution teams.

systems-driven planning

Let the power of data drive the entire planning process and evolve planning from being ‘people-driven’ to ‘systems-driven’.


How it works?

Planytics is very easy to use and deploy for any industry. Our Success Assurance Team (SAT) will guide you through the on-boarding process so that you can start realizing the benefits of this intelligent and intuitive software, right-away. All implementations (from ‘hands-on’ training to ‘Go-Live’), are done remotely which reduces time and money for the customer. Go-Live within a day of signing up with Planytics.

Planytics’ agile implementation framework works on 3 simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the software up and running at my company?

The software works on SaaS Model. Hence, it will not take more than 1 day to import your data into Planytics and get you started.

Are there any prerequisites (IT Systems and configuration) on my side to run Planytics?

All you need is a laptop/desktop with any browser and a decent internet connection.

How many hours of training is required to effectively start using Planytics?

Planytics is a highly intuitive software that requires no training. However, we’ll hand-hold you from purchase to ‘go-live’ and beyond.

Does the software integrate with different ERP systems?

Planytics is flexible to integrate with any ERP or other software through Web Services integration. This feature will be available in our Beta release.

Can I get a demo before purchasing?

Yes. You can get a free demonstration of our software.Get in touch with us to set one up!

How many users can use the software?

There are no restrictions on the number of users. Usually planning teams comprise anywhere between 2-10 users per account.

What is the pricing model?

We have a multi-tier pricing model which is tailored to meet the unique requirements of the various customer segments that we service. Contact us to find the plan that suits you.

Is the software cloud based or on premise?

We are a fully cloud based software which allows you to access data on the go be it on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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